If a user can’t find the information does it exist?

Measuring Usability-Jun 28/11 The inability of users to find products, services and information is one of the biggest problems and opportunities for website designers. Knowing users’ goals and what top tasks they attempt on your website is an essential first step in any (re)design. Testing and improving these task experiences is the next step. On […]

Agile Development Projects and Usability

Summary: Agile methods aim to overcome usability barriers in traditional development, but pose new threats to user experience quality. By modifying Agile approaches, however, many companies have realized the benefits without the pain. Depending on how they’re handled, Rapid Application Development (RAD) processes such as Agile and Scrum can enhance or threaten user experience quality. […]

International Usability: Big Stuff the Same, Details Differ

Summary: User testing on 3 continents confirmed that the main usability guidelines hold worldwide, but many other considerations exist to better support international users. Earlier this year, we ran a range of usability studies of websites, intranets, and mobile sites and apps in Australia, China, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Of course, we’ve always […]

Uncovering Users In Your Own Organization

by Lynn Rampoldi-Hnilo – Box&Arrows “It’s still research, but from an internal perspective. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips in your own office, and surprisingly, some of it is usability-related.” As user experience professionals it is crucial to your success that you learn who your users are, understand their environments and business […]

Perfecting Your Personas

By Kim Goodwin This article was originally published in January, 2005. Greetings, In today’s blog, we look back at an article that Kim Goodwin wrote in 2005. It’s a classic. Everything about it still holds true to this day. Kim discusses how personas affect design and the type of goals to think about when creating […]

10 Great Reasons to Usability Test

10 Great Reasons to Usability Test Posted by Jacob Creech on May 13th, 2011 For all the tips I give on usability testing, explanations of how to get started, the reviews of different services I do, I get a very large number of people asking me why they should actually test in the first place […]

Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong (IE8)

by Rachel Andrew and Kevin Yank Perhaps you’ll feel slightly uncomfortable about the example you will see—after all, haven’t web standards advocates like myself been insisting for years that you shouldn’t be using tables for layout? When released, Internet Explorer 8 will support many new values for the CSS display property, including the table-related values: […]

Three Important Usability Challenges for Designing Web Apps

Jared M. Spool, User Interface Engineering A benefit of joining the Hertz #1 Gold Club is a simplified experience for reserving a rental car. As a member, the web site remembers your billing information, frequent flyer preferences, and frequent cities you travel to, eliminating time consuming steps from the reservation system. This enhances customer loyalty, […]