Summary of Kevin Hale’s (@ilikevests) @platzi course: The 5 Laws of Interface Design

Excellent, short, direct and sweet

Two Start-ups & A Baby

I Joined Platzi to view Kevin Hale: The 5 Laws of Interface Design

Platzi is a YC company & Kevin is a partner at YC & cofounder of Wufoo.

Each video breaks down pages and pages of UI research into 5-minute chunks.  But who has time for that!? So, here are some high-level notes from the course:

#1: Fitt’s Law

Kevin shared this fancy formula:

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.59.21 AM

Um, yea, I’m not a mathematician.

But this is what this formula gets at:

“If something is really small & we make it bigger, it makes a big difference, but if two things are already pretty big, it makes less of a difference. It is diminishing returns to the benefits gained….so focus on improving the tiny things to get the most return.”

How does this relate to interface design?

Simple.  The size of buttons can be set to help facilitate user interaction and make it easier to click on…

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