Web design case studies and consulting p

Web design case studies and consulting projects provide convincing evidence that when companies fix known Web site usability problems they see a boost in site success metrics. These success stories should be use to prove to peers and executives that the time and money it takes to fix usability issues is well spent, and they […]

Social Business Trust Points – Strategy Or Integration?

Interesting article about Marketing & Emerging Media by Spirocks What are you moving toward? More specifically, when you’re tweeting out, Facebooking and blogging up a storm, what are your objectives? I’ve thought about this at length and I keep coming up with, you’re trying to create trust points. Trust points: Points at which people trust […]

Inline Validation in Web Forms

USABILITY: See your site or web application thru your user’s eyes Increase your sales in a 100% Reduce your cost in a 90% Reduce time in a 50% 50% of your users can not find what they are looking for Structure your site of lose 83% of your users by LUKE WROBLEWSKI – SEPTEMBER 1, […]

If a user can’t find the information does it exist?

Measuring Usability-Jun 28/11 The inability of users to find products, services and information is one of the biggest problems and opportunities for website designers. Knowing users’ goals and what top tasks they attempt on your website is an essential first step in any (re)design. Testing and improving these task experiences is the next step. On […]